Where i$ the pile of money?

Trying to get a handle on anything

    even clo$e to a Trillion dollar$ i$ ab$olutely 

    $taggering and almo$t beyond anyone'$

    comprehen$ion (March 2009)


   Here'$ what it look$ like in three dimen$ion$  !

                     $croll Down.........



           I believe the bailout i
$ better than doing nothing, but thi$ i$ $obering.



 What $700,000,000,000.00 ($even hundred billion) look$ like  It'$ hard to imagine what the U$A bailout would look like in hard ca$h. 



What Bernard Madoff obtained i$ in here - $omewhere around $50 billion..........

Now double that

And add $170 Billion. 


That's about the price tag of the bailout in February 2009